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“The Advisor Magazine”  New Tampa, October 2011                                     Edited By Craig Kaelin

“Strengthening the Family, bringing in the Harvest, becoming true Worshippers” is the foundation of this church and its Pastors, Brian and Queenisha Hamilton-Grein. That is how the church got its name. Now celebrating its One Year Anniversary, I met with Pastor Brian to better understand his church, what it stands for, and how it is making such a wonderful impact in the lives of so many families in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel. Pastor Brian is an engaging, thoughtful, vibrant man who loves God and wants to share God’s message and what it means to your everyday life. 

“We feel so blessed at what God has done with our church this first year.” he said. “We have grown significantly over the past year. When we started last October, we had six adults and seven children our first Sunday. By Thanksgiving 2010 (6 weeks later), we had already grown to over 30, and have nearly doubled since January 2011.” When I asked to what he attributes his church’s growth, he answered, “The presence of God in our services and the realness of the people. In today’s church, people don’t want to know HOW MUCH YOU KNOW, but HOW MUCH YOU CARE! I love to see new people visit us and if I am outside before service, I’ll greet them in the parking lot. I’ll walk them into church and introduce them to others. We want everyone to feel welcome in God’s house.”

Family Harvest Worship Church has a very strong focus on the children. “Being a full time youth pastor for nearly 12 years, the quality of teaching given to our children is extremely important”, Brian said. They have 4 children’s church age groups for kids 18 months – 18 years old, which now accommodates nearly 40 children.. They have a core group of volunteers who work in the children’s church with curriculum that meets the children on their level. Kids (Elementary age) can earn “play money” that they can redeem once a month for toys and prizes. The church also celebrates each child’s birthday the third Sunday of each month with cake or cupcakes during ‘Kid’s Church’.

Family Harvest Worship Church is an independent charismatic, non-denominational church. Pastor Brian’s sermons are Bible centered, humorous and relevant to our lives today. Praise and Worship is directed by his wife Queenisha with a contemporary style. This is a church that accepts anyone who wants to learn about God’s Word. Pastor Brian told me, “You can come to church in shorts and tees, or a coat and tie.” The church is equally diversified with various races and cultures. “We love the diversification. We are all God’s children. That is how the church should be.” he said. “Unfortunately in some instances, Sunday mornings is still one of the most segregated times in our nation.” 

Family Harvest Worship Church is a church that can meet the need of the person who comes in and does not know God, as well as the one who wants a deeper relationship with God. “You will not feel intimidated, you will feel God’s love and the presence of God.” he said.  Learn more about Family Harvest Worship Church by logging onto their website, or by calling (813) 973.FHWC!  They meet every Sunday morning at 10:00am.

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